A reimagined legend with a powerful princess

Marian is an exercise in changing the narrative. After struggling to find books for my princess-obsessed daughter that feature queer characters, diversity, and empowered female narratives, I decided to just make one. I want my daughters to see all different colours, shapes, and sizes in the books they read. I want them to see all kinds of love and all kinds of adventure. I want them to see all kinds of happy endings.

And from that desire, Marian was created.

Marian is a reimagined version of the well-known legend, Robin Hood, that puts Marian at the center of the story. Marian is emotional, fierce, and ready to make a lot of noise on behalf of the people of Nottingham who have had their right to dance taken away by all-work-and-no-play Prince John.


Meghan Malcolm

Writer + Publisher


Estela Carregalo

Illustrator + Graphic Designer