Willow Press was founded on a belief in magic: the magic of storytelling. However, we are disenchanted with the ostentatious protagonists and overdone narratives that saturate fiction, particularly in the fantasy genre. We also believe the fantasy genre is more than elves, dragons, and war. It can also be the fantastical elements of ordinary life. It is both gritty matriarchs and mystical misfits. We tire of formulas and showboat heroics and long for more.

Willow is a hideout and we concoct stories like healing elixirs. We strive to redefine what we’ve come to know as a hero. We bring you narratives you can both can identify with and s escape into. We tell the stories of heroes that look like us, bleed like us, and feel like us. Heroes that are as real as they are fantastical. Heroes of all colours and shapes with all kinds of love and adventure. The unsung. The unconventional.

A HAVEN of stories to find and lose yourself in.

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