Willow Press is an indie publisher created by Meghan Zahari, a writer living in Winnipeg, Canada. It's a vehicle for my creative projects, such as collaborations with artists and serialized novels, that don't fit within the traditional publishing route. Operating independently allows for rules to be broken, while still creating high quality and well-designed books for readers. 

The name "Willow" is inspired by the character, Willow, in the fantasy TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Watching the series as a little girl, I always felt a strong connection to Willow. I related to her and felt comforted knowing there was someone else like me. That connection allowed me to escape to a fantasy world all while discovering truths about myself. I think that's the power of fiction and I hope to create stories that do just that.

I hope you find yourself and lose yourself in the stories created by Willow Press.

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