About Willow Press

Willow Press is an independent publisher for creative projects that don't fit within the traditional publishing route. It's an innovative vehicle for imaginative, edgy worlds and characters that you can identify with and escape into. Operating independently allows the press to maintain creative control and experiment with storytelling.

All work published by Willow Press goes through the hands of professional copyeditors, designers, proofreaders, and printers, so it will meet the same quality standards as traditionally published work.

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About Creator

Meghan Malcolm
Creator of Willow Press
Mother to Emelyn + Margot
Work published by At Bay Press
Took Creative Writing through University of Toronto

I'm not quite cut out for the real world. From a young age, I was better at reading than making friends - talking to your grade one pals about Anne Frank's diary at snack time isn't especially cool. My head was always somewhere else, which made me excruciatingly forgetful and disorganized. I always felt strange, even in the midst of friends. Overall, I struggled to find where I fit.

I became ravenous for good fiction. I inhabited fantasy worlds. Filled notebooks. Got hooked on comics and sci-fi television series. I found myself in made-up worlds. 

I daydreamed of becoming an authour one day. But, after graduation, I felt I should find a "real job" instead. I still worked in creative fields and accumulated a lot of experience in print publications, marketing, design, and creative writing. Three years ago, I had my first child and opened a donut shop with my husband and brother-in-law. Naturally, these two life events meant my own interests and goals were put on hold for awhile. I spent a very intense couple years juggling motherhood and running my family's business. On the side, I built a successful freelance career for myself and juggled social media clients.

I'd done it. I had a "real job". I kept the plates spinning and it looked like I was living out a dream, but there was something missing. I wasn't happy. In fact, my mental health was suffering greatly. But, why? When I could no longer ignore it, I began a journey to figure out what I needed. This journey led me to getting diagnosed with ADHD and an anxiety disorder and, suddenly, everything made sense.

Getting diagnosed gave me the vocabulary and tools I needed to finally understand myself. To work with my brain instead of it working against me. After taking an inventory of the strengths ADHD provided me with, it quickly became obvious that I needed to accept the part of me that desired to write. I began to submit my work to publishers and grow my portfolio. But, it still wasn't enough. I created an anthology in collaboration with an artist as a passion project. Through that, I realized that I like to work on projects that don't fit within the traditional publishing system. I wanted to find new ways to tell stories. And, I wanted to tell new stories. Stories with characters that we don't see enough of. Stories with uncommon honesty. Stories you could both lose yourself and find yourself in.

And from that, Willow Press was born.

ABOUT the name

The name "Willow" is inspired by the character, Willow, in the fantasy TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I watched that series through some very formative years and I always felt a strong connection to Willow. I related to her and felt comforted knowing there was someone like me. That connection allowed me to escape to a fantasy world all while discovering truths about myself, making her story one I could both lose myself in and find myself in.

That is what I love about fiction and I sincerely hope the stories that come from Willow Press create that experience for you, too.