about the press

Willow was founded on a belief in the power of storytelling.

The respite of escape through imagination.
The validation of seeing yourself in a character.
The development of understanding others.

I am particularly interested in fantasy work. I am disenchanted with the ostentatious protagonists and overdone narratives that saturate the genre. I don’t think the fantastical is just reserved for elves, dragons, and other worlds at war. You can find magic in the grit of a matriarch, the mystical nature of a misfit, or the transfiguration caused by love. Sex can be a healing elixir. Resiliency: an acquired power. All that to say, I want to explore the depths of the genre.

The creations of Willow are meant to be a bewitching blend of equal parts candor and curiosity. A vehicle to experiment with storytelling methods, using a unique blend of digital, audio, video, and traditional print. Work that you can both identify with and escape into.

about meghan


Creator of Willow Press
Mother to Emelyn + Margot
Work published by At Bay Press
Took Creative Writing through University of Toronto

I'm not quite cut out for the real world. From a young age, I was better at reading than making friends (trying to talk to your grade one pals about Anne Frank's diary at snack time isn't especially cool). My head was always somewhere else, which made me excruciatingly forgetful and spacey. I felt things deeply and I always felt strange, even in the midst of friends.

Fiction was my reprieve. I retreated to imagined worlds and made fictional friends. I filled notebooks. Got hooked on comics and sci-fi television series.

I lost and found myself in made-up worlds. 

The name of the press is inspired by the character, Willow, in the fantasy TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I watched that series through some very formative years and I always felt a strong connection to her. I related to her and felt comforted knowing there was someone like me. That connection allowed me to escape to a fantasy world all while discovering truths about myself, making her story one I could both lose myself in and find myself in. That is what I love about fiction and what I hope to recreate through this press.

I hope the stories of this press become a haven to find and lose yourself in too.


Meghan Malcolm