Willow Press is an independent publisher for creative projects that don't fit within the traditional publishing route, such as anthologies that collaborate with artists or serialized novels. Operating independently allows me to maintain creative control and experiment with the delivery of my stories. Though the work of Willow Press will not go through a traditional publisher for marketing and distribution, it still goes through the hands of copyeditors, designers, proofreaders, and printers, so it will meet the same quality standards as traditionally published work.  

The name "Willow" is inspired by the character, Willow, in the fantasy TV series, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I watched that series through some very formative years and I always felt a strong connection to Willow. I related to her and felt comforted knowing there was someone like me. That connection allowed me to escape to a fantasy world all while discovering truths about myself, making her story one I could both lose myself in and find myself in.

That is what I love about fiction and I sincerely hope the stories that come from Willow Press create that experience for you, too.