Need A Hand?

  • Social Media Strategy, photography, or coordination

  • virtual assistance

  • Copywriting or ghostwriting

  • promotional campaign or product launch

Owning your own thing is hard. You got into this biz to do what you love, but somehow your best time and creative energy gets spent on emails, marketing, and administration.

Before Willow Press, I spent years doing digital marketing, social media coordination, and administration for other entrepreneurs. I still take on a very limited client base, so, if you need a hand, let’s chat about what I can do for you.

I’d love to help.

Send me an email at

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Past Experience

Social Media Coordinator, Strategist + Photographer

- Nuburger
- Briar Handmade
- Tiber River Naturals
- Rogue Wood Supply
- Tutti Frutti Winnipeg

virtual assistant

- Rogue Wood Supply
- Briar Handmade

Owner of Bronuts Donuts + Coffee

- Marketing
- Social media coordination
- Branding
- Administration + communications

Online Editor for It’s Love Magazine

Critic for MTYP + RWB